Uomo Baffuto con Gilet  Depero
Uomo Baffuto con Gilet  DeperoUomo Baffuto con Gilet  DeperoUomo Baffuto con Gilet  Depero

Mustachioed Man with Gilet

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Design: Vito Cappellari

Fortunato Depero 1882 – 1960

When we think of Depero we think of a childish attitude, not only because he’s focused on games and toys, because he studies the magic of flora and fauna, because he imagines himself in a circus and puppet world. His perception of the world is ‘childish’, as well as both his polemic and assertive nature and his pictorial method.
We feel near to this sensibility so our tribute to Depero becomes a tribute to that playful and ironic world, to his passion and precision. Therefore our products are exclusive, entriley hand made and strictly related to Italian history and art. But there is something more: magnetic elements inside our products allow maximum ‘limb’ and ‘head’ flexibility, such as in a living puppet. It is a play for children and adults, but most of all for art lovers.

Measurements: H 27 cm / W 14 cm / T 6 cm.

Material:Kotò wood,  hand-painted.