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Dinosaur wall clock
Dinosaur wall clockDinosaur wall clockDinosaur wall clockDinosaur wall clockDinosaur wall clockDinosaur wall clock

Dinosaur wall clock


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>> 100% Made in Italy <<


The “Real life happens offline” wall clock is a home and office accessory with an unconventional design.

The clock is made of metal with a laser-engraved decoration featuring the phrase “real life happens offline”.

The distinctive icon that appears when the computer is offline is represented by the silhouette of a dinosaur, which can be moved freely on the clock’s dial thanks to a small magnet on the back.

The built-in mechanism is from Junghans, a German company specialising in high-end watchmaking, ensuring reliability and silence.

The clock is handcrafted in Italy, making each piece unique and original.


Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 3cm

Material: Powder-coated steel; lacquered wooden magnet.

Included accessories: Magnetic dinosaur; assembly kit.


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