Appendiabiti dal Design Minimalista
Appendiabiti dal Design MinimalistaAppendiabiti dal Design MinimalistaAppendiabiti dal Design Minimalista

Design Coat Rack


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Design Essey

The coat hook Ferdinand that John Brauer designed for Essay was inspired by the history of Ferdinand the bull. An old story, written by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson in the year 1938 and meanwhile congenially transformed into a worldwide popular Walt Disney cartoon: Ferdinand is a quiet, peaceful and young bull that wants to calmly smell flower scent. Until the day he is sting by a bee and the town people think he is a wild bull because of his pain-filled behavior. That is why he is brought to the bullring, where he refuses to fight. Consequently he is brought to his cork tree again so that he can peacefully smell the flowers. Ferdinand teaches us to enjoy the small things and to stay faithful to ourselves. Ferdinand is reduced to one line as a coat hook. His minimalistic form shows a complete bull head with a little bit of fantasy, from the bulls horns to its eyes, as well as the typical ring in the nose. The “bully” wardrobe is available in a set of 3.

Gift-box of 3 pcs
Material: Nylon
Design: John Brauer

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