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Nativity Scene
Nativity SceneNativity SceneNativity SceneNativity SceneNativity Scene

Nativity Scene

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Design Vito Cappellari

A Christmas authentic cowshed, made entirely by hand in oak. Within the same box that acts as a hut-theater where the scene of the ”Epiphany” takes place, live the 5 characters: Mary, Joseph, the ox, the donkey and the baby Jesus. A sort of Tangram, the famous Chinese puzzle, in which the meaning emerges once solved the game. At first the pieces of wood contained within the box are not recognized, but bit by bit, as you pull them out of the box, their identity manifests itself and eventually becomes clear. Being a game for children and adults, poetry and simplicity are the hallmarks of this original birth scene.

Measurements: 15×8 cm (box)

Material: Oak wood

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