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Table Clock Italian Design

Unveil the essence of Italian design with our Table Clock collection, clockini. Each piece is a celebration of Italy’s rich artistic heritage, transforming timekeeping into a vibrant display of art. Our clockini collection is divided into three captivating series: Art, Totem, and Bike, each inspired by distinct worlds that have touched the Italian soul. The Art series pays tribute to the avant-garde masters like Mondrian, Klee, and Kandinsky, infusing your space with the dynamic colors and bold lines of early 20th-century art. These clocks don’t just tell time; they tell stories, making them perfect for adding a splash of creativity to any desk or shelf.
Our Bike series is a vivid call to the outdoors, embodying the freedom and joy of cycling through Italy’s picturesque landscapes. It’s an invitation to weave the spirit of adventure into your daily life.
The Totem series delves into the mystical, drawing inspiration from totemic animals that symbolize our shared virtues and flaws. These clocks serve as a personal emblem, reflecting your inner world through the lens of Italian design.
Crafted with digital high-resolution print technology, our table clocks offer unparalleled clarity and detail, making them suitable for exclusive museum collections and bespoke merchandise. With clockini, you’re not just keeping time; you’re embracing a piece of Italian artistry that resonates with your unique story.

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