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Magnetic boards - Perpetual calendars - Italian Design

Immerse yourself in the essence of Italian design with our Magnetic Boards and Perpetual Calendars. Each piece blends functionality and visual elegance that Italian craftsmanship is renowned for. Our magnetic boards are not just tools for organization; they are canvases for your personal expressions, equipped with magnetic accessories perfect for showcasing photos, notes, and cherished memories. Ideal for both home and office, these boards improve your space with originality and a touch of Italian elegance. Our perpetual calendars, with their ample magnetic surfaces, offer a stylish way to keep track of appointments, memories, and inspirations. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and traditional serigraphy techniques, these pieces are more than just decor—they are a celebration of innovative design and the timeless beauty of Italian artistry. Let dESIGNoBJECT transform your everyday with a slice of Italy’s rich design heritage.

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