Exploring the website

1) How should I configure my browser for an optimum use of the services of Designobject.it?
Designobject.it provides full compatibility with Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Firefox, Google Chrome , Safari versions for Operating Systems Windows or Apple Mac OS.

2) I had seen a product I am interested in on your website and now I cannot find it anymore. How so?
Designobject.it updates its catalogue every day and guarantees the availability at reasonable length . It is therefore possible that a product may “disappear” from the site sometimes but only temporarily.


1) How can I pay for my purchases on Designobject.it?
Designobject.it offers the possibility to pay with PayPal only.

2) What if I am not registered for PayPal services?
Even if you are not provided with PayPal services, when you will proceed the purchasing procedure, you will have the possibility to buy without being necessary to register.
The merchandise will be sent soon after we will receive the confirmation of your transaction.

3) Is it possible to pay by check?
No, it is not possible to do so because Designobject.it prefers the easiest and safest way for the accomplishment of the transaction.

4) Can I place an order by e-mail?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept orders by e-mail but only orders placed through the online procedures on the site Designobject.it. If you need support for the execution of an order, please contact us by telephone (+39 049617358) or via e-mail () providing a phone number so we can call you if in need for further information.

5) Can I place an order by phone and then communicating to you the data of my credit card?
No, Designobject.it operators are not allowed to receive orders via telephone. Under no circumstances, Designobject.it operators are authorized to receive the credit card data of our customers via telephone. This confidential information is provided by the customer directly to the bank that deals with this type of transactions through a secure server connection.

6) Can I place an order via fax communicating the information of my credit card?
No, Designobject.it doesn’t give the possibility to order in this way. As mentioned above, our customers can make orders only by using his/hers personal account on our website.

7) I would like to buy XYZ product, within how much time I will receive my order?
Our delivery times range from 24/48 hours to a maximum of 20 days. After the ordering you will receive a message with a summary of the products ordered at the address indicated on the order form you have completed on the website and the expected date of delivery. In the event of delivery problems, Designobject.it takes responsibility to contact the customer in order to notify him/her for the inconvenience.

8) How is the delivery being made?
Designobject.it uses the main national and international delivery services who certifies to safely carry the product right at the address indicated by our customers. For massive, heavy or fragile packages we use specialized agents in the transportation of furniture.

9) I want to buy products from Designobject.it but I live abroad. Can I still place an order?
Designobject.it is making deliveries all over the world, with different tariffs corresponding to each zone of the world.

10) Are there any additional charges?
Deliveries to countries outside the European Union are subject to the rules of the country of destination. Our deliveries are made on a DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) basis, which shall be borne by the purchaser’s costs related to customs clearance and duty.

11) Is it possible to receive the goods on a stationary storage?
Yes, it is possible to receive the goods ordered in Stored at the headquarters of the courier closest to you. This type of delivery must be agreed, at the time of order acknowledgment, carried out by us normally within 24 hours from the online part of the customer.

Apply for a product

1) Is is possible to obtain more detailed technical specifications on a product from Designobject.it catalogue?
Definitely. For this kind of information, we suggest you to contact us via e-mail.

2) I would like to know if the XYZ product is available for sale.
The online catalogue of Designobject.it is continually expanding. Designobject.it updates its catalogue every day and displays only the products for which it can guarantee availability in a reasonable time. For this reason, we cannot guarantee the availability of products not included in the catalogue. For information regarding a specific product, please refer to our in-depth online catalogue, using all the search services currently available.

3) Is it possible to order a product that is not available in the catalogue?
For this kind of ordering please contact us via e-mail/phone so you can receive our full support.
Email :
Phone : +39 049617358

Before and after delivery

1) Today I have completed the order on Designobject.it, when will I receive the product?
Generally, after we have received the confirmation of the payment, we will contact you as soon as possible for the final confirmation on the availability of the products you have requested and for more information on the delivery time.

2) The courier who delivers me the products I have bought from Designobject.it is also responsible for its installation?
Designobject.it does not include installation of products sold but only their delivery.

3) What do I have to do when I receive my delivery?
Upon delivery of the products, we recommend you check: that the number of packages delivered is as specified in the accompanying document; that the packaging is not damaged or wet or otherwise altered.
Any damage or the mismatch in the number of packages or particulars, must be immediately reported to the carrier making the delivery. The delivery must be accepted by the customer with the right of inspection; without this acceptance, we cannot act upon eventual reimbursement for damage or loss.

4) If the delivered product is damaged, what should I do?
All products are covered by insurance. Immediately after delivery please inform us in order to start the practice of damage. The product will be replaced or refunded by us, according to your preference.

5) It is possible to bring a product bought on Designobject.it in any of your Service Centers?
Designobject.it does not have their own Service Center. All products sold by Designobject.it enjoy however the manufacturer’s warranty.

Personal section

1) How can I modify my personal account?
You can change at any time, any data you entered into your account registration by accessing the ‘’My Account’’ section.

2) I am a registered user, I changed my e-mail and I wish that I could send the news to the new address.
To change your personal information, passwords, respectively e-mail address, all you have to do is go on your tab, under My Account and proceed the modification desired. The variation of the email address does not entail a double registration, but is simply modifying the original.