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Mr Butler Wall Clock
Mr Butler Wall ClockMr Butler Wall ClockMr Butler Wall ClockMr Butler Wall Clock

Mr Butler Wall Clock


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Design: Carmine Sessa

The wall clock Hole is an accessory for your home or office with an unconventional design.

The clock is made of “ferro nero calamina”, a material of industrial charm that conserves the natural look of iron: iridescent colour, striations and flame marks.
Apart from being a silent and reliable wall clock, Hole can have countless functions.
A suggestion? Try installing it near the entrance and using it as an umbrella holder – the surprise effect for your friends and family is assured.

Another suggestion? You can gift it as a very original tie holder.
The wall clock Hole is a product handcrafted in Italy using selected materials.
The clockwork is made by Junghans, a German company specialized in high-quality clock-making.

The products by dESIGNoBJECT are the result of a continuous search for balance between aesthetic design and functionality; projected and produced to last, defying the passage of time and fashion.


Dimensions: 17 x 40 (h) x 4,5 cm

Materials: Black steel “Ferro Nero Calamina”

Colour: dark grey

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