Pinboard Tree
Pinboard TreePinboard TreePinboard TreePinboard Tree

Pinboard Tree


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Design Studio dESIGNoBJECT


The new “Pythagorean Tree” magnetic board is an accessory with an unconventional design.

The magnetic board is handcrafted using Galvanized Steel and Solid Oak Wood.

The Pythagorean Tree, besides being an original Christmas decoration, can be used as a tabletop or desk bulletin board.

The magnetic board comes with a set of 5 FSC-certified wooden magnets, which can be used to attach photos, notes, or business cards.

Like all dESIGNoBJECT products, the Pythagorean Tree Magnetic Board is handcrafted in Italy, using selected materials.


Dimensions: 21x11x36(h)cm

Materials: Black Steel, Solid Oak Wood.

Included accessories: 5 FSC wooden magnets.


Lucky Elf Door is sold separately.



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