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St Antony's clock
St Antony's clockSt Antony's clockSt Antony's clockSt Antony's clock

St Antony’s clock


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>> 100% Made in Italy <<


The “Il Santo” wall clock is a playful homage to Saint Anthony, the patron saint of Padua.

The design is inspired by the tiles of the traditional “Tombola” game, and the number refers to the symbolism of the Neapolitan “Smorfia.”

The “Smorfia” is a kind of code through which dreams and events of daily life can be interpreted and translated into numbers to play in the lottery.

Inside the wall clock’s dial is a large red number with its corresponding meaning and translation in Neapolitan.

The clock is made of laser-cut metal and digitally printed at high resolution.

The built-in movement is from Junghans, a German company specialising in high-end watchmaking.


Dimensions: 25x25x3cm

Material: Laser-cut sheet metal, powder-coated, and digitally printed in high definition.

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