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Wall Clock Post It
Wall Clock Post ItWall Clock Post ItWall Clock Post ItWall Clock Post ItWall Clock Post ItWall Clock Post ItWall Clock Post ItWall Clock Post ItWall Clock Post It

Wall Clock Post It




Design Carmine Sessa



Post It is an elegant wall clock to which, through 10 included magnetic accessories, you can attach notes, recipes, photos, and anything else useful to keep in sight.

Post It is an original and functional home accessory, to be placed at the entrance, in the kitchen, or on the wall of your office.

The refined and minimal design and the provision of magnetic accessories make it a beautiful and functional product, in the best tradition of dESIGNoBJECT.

The powder coating and hand screen printing give Post It a sophisticated appearance, making it, as well as a reliable and quiet clock and a convenient magnetic whiteboard, an original and elegant wall decoration.

The Post It magnetic clock-whiteboard is made of laser-cut, bent, and powder-coated sheet metal. The graphics are hand screen-printed. The built-in movement is from Junghans, a German company specializing in high-end watchmaking (AA-type penlight battery, not included).


Screen printing is the CRAFTSMAN – ARTISTIC technique through which we print small series of clocks and magnetic boards. Each dESIGNoBJECT product is the result of craftsmanship with a high technical and aesthetic content. The presence of small imperfections and chromatic variations should not be considered defects of the product but rather characteristic elements of each individual piece and consequent manual processing.


dESIGNoBJECT products are not standardized; they aim to be UNIQUE and ORIGINAL.


Dimensions: 30 x 100(h) x 2cm

Material: Laser-cut sheet metal, powder-coated and hand screen-printed.

Colours: Matte white; matte black.

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