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S-Enso Clock-Mirror
S-Enso Clock-MirrorS-Enso Clock-MirrorS-Enso Clock-Mirror

S-Enso Clock-Mirror


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Design: Carmine Sessa

Limited edition (100 pcs.)

ENSo Enso means circle and is the most common subject of Japanese calligraphy. Often, the graphic is accompanied by a phrase that explains the meaning. For many calligraphers drawing an Enso is a daily practice, a sort of diary, binding the emotions of the moment and desires, or simply creating an empty space where to find oneself/themselves.

Our daily life is frantic, accentuated by a time that seems to escape. DesignObject with S_Enso wants to “stop time”, circumscribe it in an empty space where it is resized. Through S_Enso we exercise control over our time, we can stop and give a “sense” to every day.

Measurements:  H 50 cm / W 50 cm / Thickness 2 cm (medium version);  H 80 cm / W 80 cm / Thickness 2 cm (big version)

Materials: Laser-cut, bent, powder-coated metal sheet, plexiglass.

Colors:mod.  IT607b – Black.

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