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Magnetic board Industrial style
Magnetic board Industrial styleMagnetic board Industrial styleMagnetic board Industrial style

Magnetic board Industrial style


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Design: Studio dESIGNoBJECT

The Magnetic Board Industrial style is a functional wall magnetic board where you can stick notes, recipes, photos and everything is useful to keep an eye on, thanks to the five magnetic accessories included. This magnetic pinboard is an original and functional piece of furniture for the home, to be placed at the entrance, in the kitchen or on the wall of your office. The refined and minimal design and the equipment of magnetic accessories make it a beautiful and functional product, in the best dESIGNoBJECT tradition.

The magnetic board Industrial consists of a laser-cut black steel sheet.


The magnetic pinboard Industrial is made of “Ferro Nero Calamina”: a type of steel that conserves through a special treatment the natural iron look, i.e. the spots, brands and traces of rust.

Those imperfections confer a “used” look and an industrial charm to the product.

The “Ferro Nero Calamina” is a living material that with time undergoes certain aesthetic modifications due to the reactions with atmospheric agents.

The surface of the Magnetic board Industrial is protected by a thin coating of beeswax. To best preserve the product over time it is advisable to periodically administer the following treatment:

  • removing the rust spots with a piece of fine steel wool (included);
  • applying a thin layer of beeswax with a soft cloth.


Dimensions: H 50 cm / W 50 cm / Thickness 2 cm

Colours: mod. IT 002FN –  Black Steel;.

Accessories: 5 magnetic clips, wooden box (8x8x8cm)

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